Placer Country Grass Fed Lamb, Beef, Poultry, Pork

Welcome to Sinclair Family Farm
Store in Penryn, California

Ranch in Newcastle, California 

Naturally grown, pasture raised 

Beef, Goat, Lamb and Pork  

Chicken, Turkey and Rabbit

              STORE HOURS - Wednesday 3:00-5:00 pm   Friday 3:00-5:00 pm

                              Cooler and Freezer Storage Rental Available

Sinclair Family Farm is currently raising pasture raised beef, goat, lamb and pork on our property in Newcastle, California. We operate a rotational grazing system with our animals to:

  • Help with invasive weed control and reduction of fire fuels
  • Maintain grass and brush to improve the health and
    well-being of the land
  • Produce meat that is higher in essential nutrients like Omega 3 fatty acids as well as high levels of conjugated linoleic acid

If you are interested in ordering our products, or would like to sign up for our newsletter, contact Karin Sinclair today at 

Sinclair Family Farm is proud to be predator friendly. We use livestock guardian dogs that protect our sheep, goats and chickens from coyotes, mountain lions and dogs without harming the predators.

"There are so many things that we love about working with the land and the animals. Our aim is to keep things as natural as possible for both.”  - Karin Sinclair


Sinclair Family Farm | Placer County Grass Fed Lamb, Beef, Poultry, Pork 

Penryn and Newcastle, California
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