Buying in bulk means you can have quality, healthy meat in your freezer at any time. In order to receive the bulk price, you get all cuts in the quarter/half/whole. Which means you will get a variety of meats (higher priced cuts ALONG with lesser cuts), all at the SAME LOW PRICE! See the chart below with the breakdown of what is included. If you need recipes or ideas on how to cook anything – see the recipe page! All orders will be STANDARD CUT unless otherwise specified. All special orders will require a non refundable deposit of $100 which will be later applied to the final order.

Approximate yield when you buy a whole animal:
 If you buy a half (or quarter) just take the percentage of the below. Any portion of the whole animal is NOT split between the front/hind half, it is evenly split between the total amount per animal. IE: if you get a quarter steer – you get a QUARTER of each item below to equal a fair quarter of the steer.

Beef – 1,250 lb steer
 You get approximately:

Roasts 168 lb
 Steaks 63 lb
 Ground 100 lb
 Ribs 23 lb
Misc lesser cuts 65 lb



Pork – 250 lb hog
 You get approximately:

Ham 60 lb
 Bacon 10 lb
 Chops 20 lb
 Shoulder 40 lb
 Sausage 30 lb
Misc lesser cuts 18 lb

APPROXIMATE TOTAL 180 lb meat   


Lamb – 125 lb lamb
 You get approximately:

Chops 21 lb
 Legs 10 lb
Stew, Shank, etc 14 lb



The above breakdown is just an approximate amount of meat included. Your total may be slightly different. Your invoice price will be our current BULK price per pound, multiplied by the amount of meat you receive in the box. There is no extra charge for waste, loss or processing. See each species breakdown on the left for more information on standard cut and special order options.