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  • Just another Sunday on the Farm

    We found out Saturday afternoon that our long awaited truck load of hay was gong to be heading our way. We have been trying to get this load for nearly a month now. First it was trying to find hay, then it was trying to get it hauled and delivered.

  • Is it Monday Again?

    Well, the calendar said it was really Thursday, but it sure worked out like a Monday... you know how it is. You feel that you should have just stayed in bed and pulled the covers over your head?

  • Nasty ol North Wind

    A very breezy day around here, means that the winds are simply awful in the valley. A vicious North wind coming through and the lambs are laying in the other side of the trees to chew on their cud. So peaceful to watch them lay and chew, without a care in the world.

  • Wet Wake Up Call

    We had our first lamb born last weekend in the midst of the massive rain fall. We had 1 1/2" of rain last Saturday and 2 1/2" on Sunday that really woke us up - we are not ready for the winter months! Due to the wake up call, we decided to move all of the ewes back to our house pastures so we can keep a closer eye on them.