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  • Nasty ol North Wind

    A very breezy day around here, means that the winds are simply awful in the valley. A vicious North wind coming through and the lambs are laying in the other side of the trees to chew on their cud. So peaceful to watch them lay and chew, without a care in the world.

  • Holidays at the Ranch

    We have been very fortunate that we have a lot of family involved in the animals and the day to day operations. Everyday is a new day with new events and new ways of looking at the "same ol' thing". There is a lot of talk about how interesting our daily activities are to others, things that we all may take for granted.

  • Farmer Markets

    Our ewes are getting ready for lambing season... their belly's are getting bigger and their udders are taking shape - a true sign that time is getting near. We moved them Saturday in to the front pasture near the drive way so we can keep a closer eye on them.

  • Just Another Day on the Farm

    Saturday's around here are normally a little hectic. After the long week trying to juggle our outside jobs and the day to day chores around the farm we all look forward to "really" getting something done on Saturday. This Saturday was nothing different, except that we offered to host a FFA group to come and spend a few hours with us.