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Buy locally grown and produced
meat and eggs as well as in season fruits and vegetables, bread, honey, sauces, coffee and cheese!

OUR GOAL is to provide delicious, locally grown products to the residents of Placer, Nevada and neighboring Counties. Your purchases provide you with a quality product and supports local farms and ranches.

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How The Sierra Foothill
Producers Works:

  • No membership fees.
  • No minimum order per individual.
  • Members order from a list of products available each month.
  • 'Order-by' dates are posted on the web site for each predetermined delivery date.
  • You will receive an order confirmation and directions to your pick-up location by Email or phone.
  • Members pick up their orders at designated pick-up sites throughout the county. If there's not a site convenient for you ask about becoming a Site Coordinator.
  • Deliveries are scheduled for the third week of each month.

Your purchases are helping to keep local land in agriculture and allow ranching families to create profitable businesses.


The Sierra Foothill Producers:

Producers are local, family-owned operations.  Here is a list of just a few of our suppliers:




Grassfed Beef, Lamb, Pork, Poultry and Eggs

Our animals are raised on pastures that are untreated with pesticides or other chemicals, in fact we use our own natural fertilizers! We love working with the land and the animals, keeping things as natural as possible for both.Our hens are raised on pastures and the eggs are outstanding!




Mandarins, seasonal produce and fresh cut flowers

Hillcrest Orchard and Lisa's Petals and Produce have farmed together on the same rich, Placer County land since 2002. Finally in 2008we (Steve & Lisa)have officially come together and blendedour businesses to provide our customers with the high quality fruit, produce and flowers they have come to expect.




Premium Mountain Grown Citrus & Artisan Gourmet Products 

Snow's Citrus Court is a family owned & operated citrus grove in Newcastle, California established in 1974.  We are proud and prudent stewards of the land, using sustainable farming practices, farming without pesticides or chemicals. Our fruit is grown naturally, never stored, treated on or off the tree. The fruit is all premium quality, carefully inspected but not size graded. Every bag or box of fruit is hand packed. All of our gourmet products are original family recipes utilizing citrus grown and harvested from our orchard.



        Mandarins - Marmalades - Produce in season

 With the planting of mandarin trees in 1993 our small family farm officially became Ann’s Orchard. Although we do have other fruits and vegetables in season the seedless Owari Satsuma is our speciality. Relying on hedgerow plantings to attract beneficial insects and OMRI approved fertilizers we have no need for chemicals or pesticides. Each mandarin is in fact carefully inspected with only premium fruit being selected for market or shipping. Its from these premium fruits that we produce three popular marmalades. With the zest and juice of these fruits and our own recipes we have produced a Mandarin; Mandarin - Apricot and Mandarin - Apricot with Habanero marmalade. All three make excellent additions to, or accompaniments for baked goods. The habanero mix is especially good as a barbeque glaze.



  Goat cheese and lavender products

We are a small family dairy goat and lavender farm located in the scenic foothills of northern California. We offer a variety of goat and lavender products produced on our farm using ingredients grown here. We sell our artisan cheeses and other farmstead products directly from the farm and at local farmers markets.





Chris Otow Kuratomi and her husband, Tosh Kuratomi, respond to their customers' preferences with a much more diverse variety of fruits and vegetables. They continue to specialize in the ancient art of dried persimmons known as hoshigaki. Surrounded by development, they strive to honor their family's commitment to the farm. The orchard takes on different personalities through the seasons and continues to provide local residents with high-quality fresh food for their table.





Moving to Placer County in 1996 they noticed not much fruit on their trees, so invested in a hive of bees to pollinate their fruit.  After 14 years of beekeeping, they have over 40 hives now .  The honey comes directly from the hive and has not been treated or heated



Tin Roof Farm is a small homestead located on a 100 acre organic stone fruit ranch in Loomis. Currently these two young agrarians, Roxanne and Mickey Donohue, are homesteading a small plot on 10 acres. These two young homesteaders are no strangers to the agricultural community, they have both worked on-farm and at farmers markets throughout northern California. The goals for Tin Roof Farm are to truck farm their 10 acres and turn it into a mobile farm fresh delivery system convenient for farm fresh family enjoyment.



Nephi Miller started his honey business in Providence, Utah in 1894.With the help of his pioneer father, Nephi exchanged five bags of oats for seven colonies of bees. This was the beginning of Miller's Honey Farms.In 1974, Miller Honey Farms opened a new branch in Newcastle, California where our bees primarily reside from January-May, during the summer months we transported many of our bees to North Dakota where they make honey from the rich clover, alfalfa, and sunflower fields.
- We are still family owned and we produce the same 100% Pure Natural Honey - Always the best of the crop, and always the best flavor - unfiltered, uncooked - All of the natural nutrition stays in the honey- Miller's Honey is strained, not filtered, which means you get some of the purest honey available anywhere- Our Creamy (whipped) honey is the same all natural honey, nothing added, nothing removed
Miller's Honey - A family owned company since 1894.



Nestled in the hills by Folsom Lake Laughing Duck Farm’s focus is on sustainability, heritage/rare breeds, nutrition, and education thru classes and consulting. Our family raise sheep, goats, rabbits, ducks, chickens, quail, bees, fruit, vegetables, and herbs. A variety of gourmet eggs and combos are available from poultry that have access to irrigated pasture(quail have grass brought in), organic no-soy feed, sprouted grains and more. Hatching eggs, chicks, adult birds, and other small livestock are available thru the year for the homesteaders.



   The Baker and the Cakemaker, Inc. is an artisan bread bakery that provides Placer County and surrounding areas with quality handcrafted artisan bread and pastries using organic flours, and top quality seeds, grains and nuts. Owners, Nathan and Alice Shreve, are a husband and wife team who trained at The Culinary Institute of America. They have chosen to live in Auburn to enjoy the high quality life that Placer County has to offer. Nathan is the main force behind the bakery. He is hands on with the day to day production, from mixing the dough to the shaping and baking. Alice runs the pastry department, and the marketing and development side of the bakery.


 Grassroots Ranch is local, grass-fed cattle company run by one man in lower foothills of Placer county midway between Auburn and Lincoln. Grassroots Ranch cattle are 100% grass-fed their entire lives in a low stress environment on pastures using rotational grazing techniques to provide sustainable pasturelands; spending their summer months on irrigated pasture and the winter months on annual grasslands. My Black Angus cattle receive no growth hormones or fed antibiotics and are USDA inspected at harvest. My vision is simple; tp provide excellent grass-fed beef to the local community while enjoying what I do and how I do it. Staying small allows me to fully enjoy giving all my animals all the attention they deserve; this in turn, provides my customers with great beef.


Chandler Walnuts are a very high quality nut, prized for their outstanding flavor. Chandler are noted for their thin shell and high crack-out ratio, 50% plus; (one of the highest in the industry). They are a lower acid nut giving them a sweeter taste. Because of the lighter oils in Chandlers, youwill not have that heavy bitter after taste that is very often associated with storage walnuts. Chandler Walnuts make for an outstanding multi purpose walnut suited for baking, candying and fresh eating. Not to mention a wonderful gift that ships well. These nuts have not been fumigated or pasteurized, so we do recommend freezing them for long term storage. They freeze well for 2 years or more. Once you try this nut you will never go back to supermarket nuts again!



Red Barn Roasting is a family owned/operated coffee roasting company in Penryn CA. We have traveled around the globe in order to learn the art of crafting the perfect cup of coffee. And now, after 30 years spent gathering the experience and knowledge needed to bring the best quality and flavor into every cup.
We source the best arabica beans from family estates, around the world. In order to ensure the freshest coffee, we hand-roast in small batches, before every sale. We guarantee our coffee is always roasted fresh. We currently sell in Farmers’ Markets all around Placer County and can fulfill online mail orders. All of our coffee is sold whole bean (to ensure freshness) and in full 16oz, one-pound bags.

So raise your cups! Here’s to coffee lovers around the world and to bringing back what “The Art of Coffee Roasting” is all about: taste, quality and enjoyment. It’s all about discovering your daily “Moment of Truth.”
Red Barn Roasting is proud to announce that our coffee beans are all UTZ Certified. Our coffee trader purchases UTZ Certified coffee beans directly, guaranteeing in turn, every pound of Red Barn Coffee supports sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families and our environment. Here at Red Barn Roasting, we do our part to make sure our coffee is the very best in quality and ethics.