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  • Mother Natures Blessing?

    We have been questioning the force of Mother Nature this year with the wild fluctuations and dramatic scenes on television. The hurricanes, floods, drought... The canal that we and many others get our irrigation water from was washed out in April this year due to a mudslide.

  • Is it Monday Again?

    Well, the calendar said it was really Thursday, but it sure worked out like a Monday... you know how it is. You feel that you should have just stayed in bed and pulled the covers over your head?

  • Holidays at the Ranch

    We have been very fortunate that we have a lot of family involved in the animals and the day to day operations. Everyday is a new day with new events and new ways of looking at the "same ol' thing". There is a lot of talk about how interesting our daily activities are to others, things that we all may take for granted.

  • Where's The Beef?

    We have finally gotten our beef processed and in the freezer! A long time a comin, and have had a lot of people anxious to get some back in their freezer. Our son usually shows and sells one at the local county fair, but due to FFA events that he chose to attend he wasn't able to make it for the weigh in dates.

  • Farmer Markets

    Our ewes are getting ready for lambing season... their belly's are getting bigger and their udders are taking shape - a true sign that time is getting near. We moved them Saturday in to the front pasture near the drive way so we can keep a closer eye on them.

  • How many hours are in a day?

    Time has certanly slipped away from me, as I realized it has been quite some time since I have posted to our website. We have recently added to our farm property and have been busy moving the animals around and fencing. The cattle and sheep are all at the new property in some very lush grass, eating away!

  • Whirlwind of growth

    There has been so much going on around here... where do I start? Our family was fortunate enough to purchase a parcel of property that seems like an ideal fit for us.

  • spring time

    Oh what a month! I keep asking for more hours in the day, but worry that I would probably fill them up. We have started to calve, and so far they look pretty good and healthy.